Sunday, May 31, 2009

5/31/09 Normal Day

The End of May....

So after spending the morning doing yard work (since I played most of yesterday), I had a late brunch at The Full Belly Company in Boulder.

I ordered the Long's Farm Pork Benedict, which was extremely yummy. If you know me well, you will know that I skipped the eggs (but kept the hollandaise sauce - that's enough egg for me). It was served with a pretty large helping of potatoes. They were very good but I am not much of a potato eater. Full Belly proudly supports our local ranchers and farmers. All of their ingredients are free-range, organic and natural whenever possible. I will definitely go back to try more of their scrumptious foods.

Next door to Full Belly is Arugula's Restaurant- Northern Italian. This restaurant recently opened by Chef Alec Schuler - formerly at Treppeda's Restaurant in Niwot. Many items on the menu at Arugula's were my favorites when dining at Treppedas ... like the Dover Sole in an arugula pesto or the current offering of roasted tomatoes with a hazelnut pesto, the Belgium Endive Salad and the Arugula Salad. While I have only visited Arugula's once I will definitely be going back. I hope that you'll try it too. I believe you will have an awesome meal.

Later in the afternoon, I stopped by Borders bookstore and bought two new books:

The Big Book of Preserving The Harvest by Carol Costenbader
Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It and Other Cooking Projects by Karen Solomon

I partially chose the above books due to a class I am taking next weekend on Canning and another class (the weekend of 6/19)on making butter and bacon (2 of my favorite things). Again, if you know me, I don't eat much meat and then there is bacon...Yum! :)

5/30/2009 'Ales for Females' Homebrew Day

Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont is my favorite local brewery. They have a monthly group called 'Ales for Females' - trying to get women more interested in beer.

They don't have to talk me into it.. :)

This group meets at the brewery the last Monday of the month for beer tastings and other educational meetings. Since the last Monday of May was memorial day, they had us all come on Saturday morning.

Niwot Eats' Member Kristin and I spent most of the day there making our own homebrew along with Brewmaster Bryce and Sue. We made two 5-gallon batches of a red ale. They served us Abo's pizza and someone brought homemade brownies, someone else brought cheese and bread and I brought chips/salsa (from the Longmont Farmer’s Market) for sharing.

I would guess there were about 20 of us there??? We had a great time. When we go back on the last Monday evening in June, we will drink our beer and give each batch a name.

5/25/2009 Windsor Dairy Farm Tour

The Truffle Cheese Shop in Denver sponsored a tour of the Windsor Dairy Farm. Niwot Eats member, Anne and I met a bus load (~50) of people from Denver at the farm.

The Windsor Dairy farm has about 1,400 free roaming chickens (all named Henrietta), two roosters (both named Henry), 70 milking cows (a variety of types but all grass-fed), 70 calves/bulls, many goats and sheep.

Their Colona Reserve cheese is excellent!

We had a chef-prepared lunch of lamb/beef kabobs with yogurt and fresh herb sauce, frittata with sauteed greens (asparagus, spinach, spring green onions, dell mushrooms) with fresh cream and red salt, tomatoes with fresh cheese, basil and olive oil, green salad with choke cherry vinaigrette, flour tortillas (from the farmer's market), strawberry-rhubarb cobbler and ice tea with fresh mint. It was all very delicious.

They also brought out pints of their fresh milk for all of us to try. It was the most amazing milk I have ever had.

Their milk is unpasteurized so they are not allowed to sell it. But, they do sell cow shares. This allows the owners of the cow shares access to the milk and butter from these grass-fed cows. Lucky people!

The owners of this dairy are both veterinarians and farmers. Very nice family!

You can visit the Windsor Dairy Farm on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 pm-5 pm. Their cheeses are also sold at the Boulder, Longmont and Ft Collins' Farmers' markets.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

5/24/09 Day 1

What I am eating today:

Little Fig Baking Co. - Chocolate Cherry Pepper Cookies. Oh my, they are fabulous. Dark chocolate cookie, very crunchy, not too sweet, delicious chewy cherries & a nice peppery flavor. YUM!

What I am reading today:
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Books I am interested in reading:
The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky.