Sunday, May 31, 2009

5/30/2009 'Ales for Females' Homebrew Day

Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont is my favorite local brewery. They have a monthly group called 'Ales for Females' - trying to get women more interested in beer.

They don't have to talk me into it.. :)

This group meets at the brewery the last Monday of the month for beer tastings and other educational meetings. Since the last Monday of May was memorial day, they had us all come on Saturday morning.

Niwot Eats' Member Kristin and I spent most of the day there making our own homebrew along with Brewmaster Bryce and Sue. We made two 5-gallon batches of a red ale. They served us Abo's pizza and someone brought homemade brownies, someone else brought cheese and bread and I brought chips/salsa (from the Longmont Farmer’s Market) for sharing.

I would guess there were about 20 of us there??? We had a great time. When we go back on the last Monday evening in June, we will drink our beer and give each batch a name.

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